Power and Data Solutions for Tethered Drones

DRACO – Power Transmission

LYNX – Data Over Power

DRACO’s power density allows designers to use longer and lighter tethers than would be possible with traditional converters. With an industry leading power density of 6.9 Watts per gram, you can focus on your mission, not your power budget. Multiple DRACO-XFMRs can be connected in parallel to provide scalable power for even the most demanding applications.

Weighing only 50 grams, the LYNX-OEM-3P seamlessly integrates our Digital LYNX Ethernet over power technology and a three port Ethernet switch into a single package. LYNX is the robust connectivity solution for tethered aerostats, UAS, and submersibles. Simplify connectivity to payloads and autopilots by adding RS232 and/or H.264 video encoding through the on board expansion ports. LYNX eliminates the expense and hassle associated with fragile fiber optic tethers.

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