Uninterruptable Power Supply and Battery Charger for Tethered Drones

DRACO-UPS protects tethered UAS when a loss of power occurs by supplying energy stored in an auxiliary battery.  Under normal operation DRACO-UPS  keeps an auxiliary battery topped off with a built-in 250 watt charger. DRACO-UPS provides monitoring and state of charge information through RS232 and an optically isolated interface.


  • Tethered UAVs
  • Aerostats
  • Remotely Operated Vehicles
  • Submersibles
  • Telerobotics






Output Voltage48 VDC
Output Current100 Amps
Output Power4800 Watts
Peak Efficiency97%
DC InputHigh Voltage DC


InputM3.5 Stud (WURTH-7461094) HVDC
OutputM5 Stud (WURTH-7461383) 48VDC
CMOS Level RS232
CMOS Level Status
Opto-isolated Status


Size11.9 x 17.1 x 5.72 cm
Weight695 grams
Power4800 Watts (Output)

Optional Data Link

Transmission50 Mbps at 1000 ft. (Typical)
MediumTwisted Pair / Coax / Power line
Max Line Voltage1000 VDC ( 2500 VDC optional)
EthernetThree ports, 10/100Mbps


  • Fast fully switched design eliminates diode voltage drop and ORing issues
  • Integrated 250 watt 10 to 12s LiPo charger
  • Inrush limiting reduces sparking when connecting batteries
  • Control and monitoring through RS232 and optically isolated interfaces


 *Dimensions are in Inches

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